Dr. Cordis is involved with local community organization Team Up. Team Up is a startup non-profit organization and the purpose of Unlimited Potential Basketball Program is to enhance the basketball skills and abilities in the youth who aspire to take their game to the next level. They originated in the Lacey area in April of 2016 but cater to the whole Thurston county area as a whole. Many of the kids range from ages 9-14 and vary between beginners and advanced levels of play. They offer training and development for all ages throughout the summer months. In the fall, winter and spring, they select kids to play on several travel teams and play in various leagues and tournaments up and down the I-5 corridor. For more information please visit:


Dr. Cordis also travels to different countries for her chiropractic mission trip. Her goal is to spread health awareness globally and to help the communities in need. By volunteering her time and skills, she is teaching the community the purpose of life, which is to live a healthy lifestyle. For more information, please visit: