Going To The Chiropractor More Than Once Is Bad For Your Back.

“Going to the chiropractor more than once is bad for your back.”

When I hear a comment like that is just makes me cringe. That is like saying brushing your teeth more than once a day is bad for your teeth. Or going to the gym more than once a week doesn’t benefit your heart. It has become apparent to me that many people speak out on things without actually doing their research. Comments and false misconceptions just keep being passed around even more so because of social media. That is why I have the Ask the Doctor Blog. Send me your questions and I’ll answer them for you @ info@phoenxirisingwc.com, Check out below for some questions I was asked this past week.

Q: Dr. Cordis why is it that I you recommend so many visits in a care plan?

A: There are many factors that go into care instructions for a patient. Several of the factors are a patient’s history, chief complaint and examination results.  The severity of a patients chief complaint as well as their activities of daily living  AND STRESS LEVELS these things can impact treatment recommendations. Another important thing to consider is the amount of time is takes for the body to change, this is something I believe most people forget. “There is no process that doesn’t require time”, To make change requires” time x repetition= results”

Q: Can you elaborate on that point some more?

A: Yes, it’s like a person that wants to correct their teeth through invisalign or braces. Ask yourself how long does a person have to wear those before they see a change? Its continuous process from anywhere to a year or more depending on how much correction is needed. Well with chiropractic care we can’t hold an adjustment on person for daily for 24 hours it just isn’t functional for the patient or the doctor. The other issue that you run into is muscle/movement memory. The body has to go through neuromuscular re-education. To see that change in less amount of time it is preferred to adjust the spine more frequent, add corrective exercises and at home care program for a patient to follow.

Q: Why is it that when I go to one chiropractor they say one thing and then I go to another they say something different in regard to treatment? It seems like there are different opinions on treatment.

A: Ah yes the dreaded “treatment recommendation confusion” in the chiropractic profession. It boils down to training and practice philosophy. If you go to get you hair cut not every salon cuts hair the same way nor is the salon set up the same way.  Even if you went to a chain salon such as Great Clips I’m almost 100% positive they each stylist has their own unique way of cutting hair.  If your chiropractor isn’t talking about “subluxations” I say it’s time to find a new chiropractor. The end goal should be the same to correct the cause of your dysfunction. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Q: I went to a chiropractor before and they hurt me, I mean my pain was a lot worse after being treated

A: I hear this a lot. I can say that if you felt you got hurt that I’m 100% sure that was not the previous chiropractors intention. When a joint is subluxated and you receive an adjustment to restore motion to that joint that can cause increase pain or discomfort. It is important to communicate with your chiropractor.  Again we can use the orthodontic braces analogy or even someone going to the gym for the first time. It’s uncomfortable at first and if you push through that intial phase it will get better. Certain lifestyle modifications may also be necessary during the initial phase of having braces or working out, its the same for chiropractic treatment.

Q: It feels like even after treatment my back pain and neck pain keep coming back?

A: Yes, that could be very true for some people. If your body has been a certain way for so long and we start making changes it can resist those changes until it adapts. The focus shouldn’t be your pain but how is your body functioning. Sometime I see that people want a quick fix, well chiropractic care is not a Band-Aid or Tylenol. There are no quick fixes to correcting the spine. Second is STRESS!!!! So many times I have patients come in for chiropractic care and then they turn around and put their body back into that stressful situation. Without giving their body time to properly heal.  Third, inflammation is another culprit.  Not only could there be structural issues causes back pain and neck pain but a bad diet can increase inflammation. I usually recommend that my patients do some form of detox while under chiropractic care.

Q: Are these at home exercises really that important?

A: Lol! Yes, or we wouldn’t give them too you. I think the importance of an at home exercise programs has lost its value across the healthcare field. It is important to do your at home exercise program that has been prescribed to you. It decreases your healing and treatment time and decreases the chance of that issue coming back to haunt you.

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